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Leaving A Blueprint for the Next Generation



  • Future Ancestors is a must listen mi gente!  Kat & Jason have blessed us with a platform that gives us the gift of impactful storytelling.  As you listen you learn and are inspired by each story.  If yo are a listener, drop them 5 stars, a kind review and share with everyone you know. If you haven't subscribed, what are you waiting for?  Let's go! Pa'lante!

  • I am so grateful for Future Ancestors, led by Kathryn Serrano and Jason Encite.  This is not only a podcast but a platform to give voice to the stories and experiences of Filipinos.  Through the dynamic, personal, and profound conversations that Kat and Jason are leading, we are able to see parallels and differences in our community, highlighting the richness of Filipino identity.  Through this, I'm overjoyed to see a path toward individual and collective healing as we uncover and share our stories together.

  • As a black man raising Afro-Filipino children, I love this podcast.

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