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Blood & Water Tour

Here's a sneak peak behind the Blood and Water Tour hosted by Michael Salgarolo. He takes us on a journey through Filipino history right here in Brooklyn, New York. You'll discover meaningful connections, hear interesting stories, and gain a deeper understanding of Filipino History. Whether you're a history buff or just curious about Filipino culture, this tour is something you won't want to miss. BLOOD AND WATER combines historical research and imagination to retell this forgotten story of Asian American New York.


East Coast Kamayan

Who are we in America? Join hosts Kat Serranos and Jason Encite of Future Ancestors as they bring together an eclectic group of Filipino-Americans during a traditional kamayan-style Filipino dinner. In this round table interview, we dive into the complexities of identity while navigating life in America as second generation Filipinos.

Embrace the power of culture, community, and creativity as they explore the Filipino-American experience.


Is Rob "Southstar" Campman A Rap Pioneer?

Having a seat at the table is a bigger deal when you’re one of the only people sitting there. Rob “Southstar” Campman explains his view on what the word pioneer means to him and what time has revealed about his place in history.


Does Filipino Food Get The Respect It Deserves?

From defying expectations to pursue his culinary passion to celebrating Filipino food in mainstream American culture, Chef Harold shares his insights and experiences. Discover Chef Harold’s top Filipino dishes for the mainstream, including adobo, lumpia, and BBQ skewers, along with his vision for preserving the authenticity of Filipino cuisine in the US. He takes pride in the new generation of Filipino restaurants in NYC and offers valuable advice to the next generation of aspiring chefs.


Filipino Creative Kamayaan

From artists and innovators to thought leaders and change-makers, we'll uncover the depths of creativity and learn from our guests' experiences. Get ready to be inspired to add your own unique touch to the ever-evolving story of our collective future. Welcome to our roundtable, where the kamayan spirit fosters connection, collaboration, and the creation of a legacy that spans generations.


Domi Randle - Philippines Women’s National Team

Get to know rising soccer star Domi Randle who will be representing the Philippines Women’s National Team at the upcoming World Cup. Join Future Ancestors hosts Kat Serrano and Jason Encite as they engage in a fun rapid-fire Q&A session with the incredible Filipina-American athlete. In this candid podcast moment, Domi shares insights about her soccer career, reveals her favorite fast foods, and discusses her go-to sports movies.

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